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At Snap display solutions we know that a great exhibition stand needs to be functional for various spaces and occasions. This is why our exhibition stands are adaptable and are the perfect solution for ongoing exhibitors.


Our clients told us that ease of portability for displays stands is crucial. This is why the Snap display solutions can be packed into small and unique transport cases. Making them perfect for ongoing exhibitors that need to ship their stands nationally or internationally.


Differentiate yourself from the crowd with exhibition stands that make an impression. At Snap display solutions we understand that creating the wow-factor for your exhibition stands is vital to creating an impression that lasts.


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Portable Display Stand Snap-663

This island stand design is modular in every sense as it can be reconfigured to 6m stands and 3m stand. It provides an open plan for traffic flow, great presence at 3.5m high and lots areas for staff members to do business: presentations, demonstrations meeting areas and audio visual solution.
Design Details
Category: Custom Stands
  • Lead time: 20 working days
  • Exhibit weight 120 KG
  • Installation time 120 minutes
Image Gallery
Portable Display Stand Snap-663


    • 4 TV holders for 32" TV
    • 8 white wooden shelves
    • 4 canopies 1480mm W by 480mm D
    • 4 connecting wings  2217mm W by 508mm H
    • 2 reception desks 1050mm W by 1000mm H by 500mm D
    • Installation manual with images

    Optional accessories

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